Karan Goel

I'm a developer & maker of fine things.

Hi there. My name is Karan Goel.

I'm an undergraduate at the University of Washington in the Computer Science program and I love making new things, mostly for the web.

I design, build, and ship things that make the world a better place. Obviously "better" is subjective.

Feel free to browse through this site or my blog, or read my resume and send me an email if you like what you see (I'm reasonably nice).


2014 - Seattle

Founded the first student-led, and the biggest ever hackathon in the PNW. Led a team of 10 students, hosting 350+ students from all across the US and 30+ sponsor companies.

Summer '14 - Mountain View

I interned at Google with the Street View (Maps) team where I worked on making the data ingest pipeline more reliable and faster (for data center uploads).

Summer '13 - New Delhi

In Summer 2013, I interned at Lenskart.com as a Data Analyst and shipped two custom dashboards with realtime data streams using Tableau.

UW iSchool
Aug '12 - Aug '13 - Seattle

Assisted Jeff Huang as a Research Assistant. Collected data, ran statistical tests, visualized the findings and published a blog post about the results.



Tinder for music. #1 at Facebook PNW Hackathon


Orgasmic interface for image subreddits


Yelp for Bathrooms. Hackathon project


Faster music discovery using a sick interface

SoundCloud Instant

Instant search for SoundCloud


Suicide prevention app for Android


Knowledge API for Quora (REST)

What would I tweet?

Tweet generator based on Markov probabilities


High-performance, anonymous URL shortener


Unofficial Python API for ThePirateBay

100+ Projects

List of 100+ practical, language-agnostinc projects

HackerNews API

Unofficial Python API for Hacker News


Java wrapper for Reddit API


Lightweight and minimal flashcard app

Moodic Player

Builds a playlist based on mood

Other Projects

RedditAgain – Automates migrating a Reddit account to a new one
UW Open Data – Unofficial data API for UW course catalog
Social Pins – Social badges on the fly (Twitter, Facebook / png, svg)

Web Components

generator-customelement – Yeoman generator for scaffolding a Polymer custom element
x-meme – The meme element for modern web
sc-embed – Web component wrapper for embedding SoundCloud tracks

Leave your e-mail here and stay tuned about my projects.

About me

Originally from New Delhi, India, now in Seattle, WA, I'm an undergraduate at the University of Washington, in the Computer Science department. My resume is available in PDF format or on LinkedIn.

Broadly, I'm interested in web scraping, data mining, and building web applications with clean interfaces. If that sounds interesting to you, check out what I've been working on recently.

People do seem to like what I do. I've been featured multiple times on Reddit and hit frontpage of Hacker News about half a dozen times.

I started the first maker club at the UW called Sudo Soldiers. With an awesome team of officers, we have almost made the club a cult by organizing weekly student-led technical workshops.

I spend most of my (free) time writing on my blog, Reddit, Quora and StackOverflow about programming, open source and other interesting topics.