Hello, I'm Karan

I make great ideas happen

Hi. I'm Karan Goel.

I design, build, and ship software that makes the world a better place.

I'm an undergraduate at the University of Washington in the Computer Science program.

I've interned at Google with the Street View team and at LensKart where I developed analytics dashboards for business intelligence.

At the UW, I started the first, and now the biggest, developer club - UW Hackers - to expose students to modern technology that is otherwise left out of the classroom. I also co-founded and lead the first, and the biggest, student hackathon in the Pacific Northwest - DubHacks.

Feel free to browse through this site or my blog, or read my resume and send me an email if you like what you see (I'm reasonably nice).



2014 - Seattle

Founded the first student-led, and the biggest ever hackathon in the PNW. Led a team of 10 students, hosting 350+ students from all across the US and 30+ sponsor companies. GeekWire coverage.


Summer '14 - Mountain View

I interned at Google with the Street View (Maps) team where I worked on making the data ingest pipeline more reliable and faster (for data center uploads).


Summer '13 - New Delhi

In Summer 2013, I interned at Lenskart.com as a Data Analyst and shipped two custom dashboards with realtime data streams using Tableau.

UW iSchool

Aug '12 - Aug '13 - Seattle

Assisted Jeff Huang as a Research Assistant. Collected data, ran statistical tests, visualized the findings and published a blog post about the results.



Tinder for music. #1 at Facebook PNW Hackathon

  • SoundCloud API
  • Facebook API
  • Nodejs
  • MongoDB


Orgasmic interface for image subreddits

  • Reddit API
  • Jquery


Yelp for Bathrooms. Hackathon project

  • Nodejs
  • MongoDB
  • Jquery


Faster music discovery using a sick interface

  • SoundCloud API
  • Jquery

SoundCloud Instant

Instant search for SoundCloud

  • SoundCloud API
  • Jquery


Suicide prevention app for Android

  • Nodejs
  • MongoDB
  • Phonegap


Knowledge API for Quora (REST)

  • Python
  • BeautifulSoup

What would I tweet?

Tweet generator based on Markov probabilities

  • Python
  • Angularjs
  • Math


High-performance, anonymous URL shortener

  • Nodejs
  • Redis
  • Angularjs


Unofficial Python API for ThePirateBay

    100+ Projects

    List of 100+ practical, language-agnostinc projects

    HackerNews API

    Unofficial Python API for Hacker News


    Java wrapper for Reddit API


    Lightweight and minimal flashcard app

    Moodic Player

    Builds a playlist based on mood

    Other Projects

    RedditAgain – Automates migrating a Reddit account to a new one
    UW Open Data – Unofficial data API for UW course catalog
    Social Pins – Social badges on the fly (Twitter, Facebook / png, svg)

    Web Components

    generator-customelement – Yeoman generator for scaffolding a Polymer custom element
    x-meme – The meme element for modern web
    sc-embed – Web component wrapper for embedding SoundCloud tracks

    Leave your e-mail here and stay tuned about my projects.